The Real Deal: Make extra money from your closet by reselling clothes

Spring is here, which means many people take the time to clear out their closets. If you're just a little ambitious, you could also make some money from your clothes.
News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman tells us The Real Deal on resale clothing.
A 2020 survey says that 7% of consumers' wardrobe consists of resale clothing. In fact, it's a $27 billion global market. 
Resell shoppe Galit Levy has tips on how to buy and sell pre-worn clothes online so you can get the most bang for your buck out of your closet.
Levy says it’s important to know what to keep and what to toss. She says if she doesn’t use an item of clothing within a year, she knows it’s time to get rid of it.
Levy uses the app the Real Real for high end designer items and Poshmark for lower end. 
Levy says when it comes to selling items online, don’t listen to the site’s suggested price of your clothing. She says to increase the price by around 10% of the recommendation. 
She also says to check for return policies, shipping costs and commission. 
If you want to sell, here's the strategy:
  • Purge your closet. What are you truly done with?
  • Price it. Research to see what a fair number is.
  • Describe it. Is it new with tags, slightly worn or damaged in any way?
  • Snap pictures. Use a plain background and snap as many angles as you can.
Reselling clothes is good for your wallet and for the environment. Some retailers are offering gift cards or coupons for dropping off your old clothes. 
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