The New Normal: Northwell Health chief medical officer talks schools' COVID-19 success, vaccine doses

FULL SHOW: The New Normal, Dec. 8, 2020
Northwell Health's Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Battinelli joins News 12's The New Normal to talk about the latest in COVID-19 vaccine developments its effects on people. Watch below for some highlights from the show.
Dr. Fauci says he wants to see 75-80% of the population vaccinated. Is that realistic?
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has touted schools for their low COVID-19 infection rates. 
Should Americans have to get two doses of the vaccine?
Many New York officials have said the vaccination process needs to keep minority communities in mind to make sure it's done fairly. Battinelli weighs in.
Are there long-term side effect from the vaccine? Battinelli says it's early, but things are looking positive.