The hard ‘Tooth’ – Fairy getting stingier with baby teeth prices

Maybe the Tooth Fairy is falling on hard times –a recent survey found that the price she is giving out for baby teeth seems to be going down.
According to the poll by Delta Dental, the average Tooth Fairy payout in 2018 was $3.70 per tooth – down from $4.13 in 2017 and $4.66 in 2016.
“She specifically told me she bases what she pays on the shininess and sparkleness of the teeth,” says Dr. Brian Rooney of the KidZdent dentist office in Old Bridge.
So remember kids – make sure you brush every day.
"The cleaner the teeth are and the healthier they are, the nicer the Tooth Fairy thinks about the tooth you gave them,” says Dr. Hilary Khodari of KidZdent
News 12 New Jersey went right to the source to find out more what kids should do to get great teeth – the Tooth Fairy herself.
"I really want to make sure the tooth is really shiny, super clean, no infections and impurities," she told News 12. "You brush a little bit better, you brush a little bit longer and you get more money."
The KidZdent office did their own poll and found that around 60 percent of their patients received an average of $2 for each lost tooth from the Tooth Fairy.