The big game means a big weekend for eating: Restaurants gear up for busy Super Bowl Sunday

It’s Super Bowl Friday and many are thinking about what they’ll be eating during the big game, and Burger Express in Carteret is one of many eateries gearing up for a Sunday rush of orders. 
“Usually there’s a lot of people that call last minute,” says Erica Ayala, manager of Burger Express. “It’s like 50 chicken pieces of chicken and peas, 100 pieces, and yeah, you get a lot of orders.”
The home of a very tasty chicken sandwich, workers at Burger Express know it’s going to get very busy the next couple of days. 
“We sell like, chicken sandwiches, chicken also and most of our burgers too,” says Ayala.
Fresco by Jimmy in Metuchen is dialing up tasty platters for the weekend as well.
“Some fresh cutlets, mozzarella a little roasted red pepper and balsamic,” says James Jones, with Fresco by Jimmy. “I think this year is going to be a much better year. We’re seeing a lot of positive signs more traffic more people coming in through the door, more phone calls.”