Tenants of condemned East Orange apartment say temporary housing is just as bad

Some families from a condemned building in East Orange are facing a new problem – short-term housing.
Residents of 65 South Harrison Ave. tell News 12 New Jersey that they will have to go back to the Ramada Inn on Saturday. It is where they were originally relocated to on Sept. 26.
Some families were moved to the Wilshire Hotel in West Orange on Wednesday. Many are refusing to go back to the Ramada Inn. They claim there are unhealthy conditions.
There are bedbugs, rodent infested. Mice in the units. It is unsafe and unclean,” says tenant Judith Judge. “If we are being displaced, that is not a place where we should be because that is not fair to us.”
Tenants claim that the city has not been involved in securing any temporary housing for them.
News 12 has reached out to the city for comment and is waiting to hear back.