Teach yourself American Sign Language with these master classes for under $20

Learn one of the most unique languages.

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Feb 24, 2021, 10:59 PM

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Teach yourself American Sign Language with these master classes for under $20
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You've always wanted to learn how to speak another language. But have you ever considered teaching yourself American Sign Language? It can be a rewarding process that will help you communicate with the Deaf community and has cognitive benefits. Taking The Complete 2021 American Sign Language Master Class Bundle can be the perfect opportunity for you to learn, grow, and connect with others. It's on sale for 80% off the MSRP making it only $19 for a limited time. Plus, you'll have lifetime access to it, so you can go back for a refresher course whenever you need to. 
This master class, led by Cudoo.com, includes three levels in its 53 lectures that teach you beginner to advanced ASL signs. You'll learn how to sign weekdays, times, pronouns, emergency signs, reactions, weather, SCUBA hand signals, and deaf etiquette. There's also a bonus course of baby sign language for babies and toddlers. Teaching babies to sign before they can talk is beneficial to both the parent and baby. Babies as young as 8-months old can learn how to sign words and imitate signs from their parents. Baby sign language helps them communicate when they are hungry, thirsty, or in pain.
When the time comes that you're fluent in ASL, you'll be able to connect better with a Deaf partner, parent, friend, or colleague. Plus, it will give you a better understanding of the Deaf community and culture. There are approximately 36 million hard of hearing and deaf people in the U.S. You knowing how to communicate will add one more person who can converse with 17% more of the population
Additionally, upon completion, you will receive CPD credits. Enrolling in the master class will give you 30 "Continuing Professional Development" credits, a symbol of quality-assured training. This is especially important if a job you're applying to requires you to have a certain number of CPD credits. It will make an impressive bullet point to add to your resume as well.
Learn this admirable skill and take this ASL course today on sale for only $19.
Prices subject to change.

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