Swedesboro Army-Navy shop allowing people to donate uniforms to Ukrainian soldiers

A small business in Gloucester County is helping out the people of Ukraine by outfitting them with the proper gear to fight for their country.
Joe Musumeci owns Grandpop’s Army-Navy store in Swedesboro. The shop is stocked with uniforms. Musumeci and two Ukraine natives are outfitting the Ukrainian army with uniforms, all donated by residents.
“There’s a lot of Ukrainian communities and people that wish to help them, so I said instead of buying a flag or something, I’ll give them the opportunity to purchase a uniform or boots or a hat for a person that is in Ukraine,” Musumeci says.
Those who want to donate can choose the amount. A jungle hat is $23, a pair of used boots is $35. There are uniforms to donate as well.
“The next option, which is the ACU uniform, which is the top and pants and it is $45 for a set,” Musumeci says. “Then we have a Scorpion uniform here. This is the best you can get – top and pants and this runs at $138.”
Each donation comes with a note inside letting the recipient know who purchased it for them. A wave of donations was sent to Poland on Monday.
Musumeci says that it is not only about giving back but about honoring someone who is special to him.
“It reminds me of my grandfather during World War II that would send supplies to his hometown in Monforte San Giorgio, Italy. He would send blankets and different pants and shirts and anything to help the people in the war-torn time. So that kind of gave me inspiration to do this,” Musumeci says.
Anyone who wishes to make a donation can visit the Swedesboro store or visit the website.