Suspect in Christmas Eve murder of father in Boonton Township makes 1st court appearance

A Boonton Township man accused in the death of his father on Christmas Eve made his first appearance before a Morris County judge this afternoon.
Kyle Meyer, 33, was denied his attempt to be released from the Morris County Jail, which means he will remain incarcerated while awaiting trial in the killing of his father, Greg Meyer.
Meyer appeared briefly from the Morris County Jail during a virtual hearing.
The prosecution told Judge Stephen Taylor that the victim's mother heard noises from the basement around 12:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve at the Meyer family home in Boonton Township.
Assistant Morris County Prosecutor Tara Wang said, "She reported that she heard screaming and then quiet and no one was responsive to her calls.”
Another family member said they say Kyle Meyer driving away from the house in a pickup truck before finding Greg Meyer in the cellar, dead from severe trauma and blood loss.
Assistant Prosecutor Wang said, “An axe as well as a battery-operated pole saw were located near the victim’s body.”
Meyer was eventually located later that night in Paterson and arrested. Defense attorney Larry Alvarez tried to argue for release saying, “There is nothing but the fact they heard screaming from unidentified voices. No one actually saw the defendant in any posture which would have indicated the commission of the crime.”
The judge stated that based on the evidence presented, there was enough probable cause to keep Kyle Meyer in jail.
“There was blood leading up from the cellar where the victim was found and also leading up to the defendant's bedroom. I do find based on the presentation by the state that there is in fact a well-grounded suspicion that this defendant committed the murder of his father," the judge said.
News 12 learned during this hearing that Meyer had been on parole at the time of the death. He was paroled after two convictions in 2021 for illegal possession of a handgun.
The Meyer family has spoken out to say that Kyle Meyer had been suffering from mental health issues - adding that he had been abusing drugs and alcohol, which led to delusions and extreme paranoia.
The family statement read, "Our family was told Kyle could not be committed against his will unless he made threats---we want to warn other families that mental illness should be taken seriously, and those with delusions of paranoia can be a violent threat waiting to happen."
Meyer is facing a murder charge along with weapons charges. His next court appearance is in February. MORE: