Survey: New Jersey workers are the least punctual in the nation

A recent survey has found that New Jersey residents show up late to work more often than employees in any other state.
The report by Mattress Clarity surveyed over 2,700 American employees about being late to work and found that the average New Jersey worker loses 7.9 minutes per week to lateness.
Mattress Clarity says that the lateness costs employers $122 per employee, per year in revenue – a total of $500 million.
New Jersey residents told News 12 New Jersey that there are several reasons that they were late to work. Some blamed late trains or heavy traffic.
Others just said that they were bad with time management.
“I’m late daily,” said one commuter. “I always think there’s more time than there is.”
But one New Jersey worker actually won some awards on the topic of workplace lateness.
Ocean Township resident David Tucker is a longtime newspaper editor and a noted poet who won the prestigious Bakeless Nason Prize for his collection of poems entitled “Late for Work.”
“They’re about a pace of living that I was not used to in Tennessee,” he says.
Mattress Clarity also says that men were later to work than women, on average.
More information about the report can be found on Mattress Clarity’s website.