Survey: Americans prefer 4-day workweek and would leave current job to work fewer days

A Simple Texting poll asked Americans about switching to a four-day workweek and how far they would be willing to go to get one.
A total of 95.4% of those surveyed said they would prefer a four-day workweek.
The survey also found that 90% of Americans believe the five-day workweek is outdated, and 97% said they believe they would be more productive with a four-day workweek.
The survey revealed that 98% of people they spoke to believe their mental health would improve from working a four-day workweek.
A total of 96% of those surveyed said they believe they can accomplish other dreams and goals they have, such as starting a business or work out with an extra day off work each week.
How far would they go to accomplish this?
The survey said 38% would rather work four days a week than have unlimited paid time off.
It showed that 43% would rather work a four-day workweek than have free company-provided health care.
A total of 58% said they would be willing to work two hours or more per day to be able to able to have a four-day workweek - and 74% of Americans surveyed said they would consider leaving their current job if offered a position to work a four-day work week.