Supporting your dream. Belmar Black-owned business owner talks about owning a business

So how does a Black-owned business know if someone is choosing to support their dream, or if they “simply” love what they’re offering? 
As News 12 New Jersey’s Tony Caputo tells us, the owners of Simply Southern are often told by customers - it’s both.  
“It’s not even, per say, having a Black-owned business,” says Rasheed Simmons. “It’s about having a successful business and we’re just proud to be Black.”
Rita Simmons-Sanders is in her happy place, preparing delicious food at Simply Southern, the Belmar-based restaurant she owns with her son, Rasheed. 
This is the start of her favorite Seafood Gumbo recipe that her grandmother taught her years ago in Savannah, Georgia.  
“When my girlfriends were classmates, we’re outside jumping rope and having tea parties,” says Rita. “I was in the kitchen with my grandmother and I enjoyed it that’s where I wanted to be. Hopscotch could come later.”
After seven years in business, mother and son always appreciate each other and their customers but know all too well, if the food isn’t good, chances are, the customers are not coming back. 
“We have several supporters that constantly say that they recommend the business to others because the food to them is unique,” says Rita.