Supply chain issues impact day-to-day items need by NJ businesses

Supply chain issues are impacting businesses in New Jersey such as dry cleaners and delis who rely on some day-to-day items in order to operate.
New Pearl Cleaners and Jimmy's Deli struggled to remain in business during the pandemic. Now with the current supply chain issues, those businesses are paying more for supplies.
"All the meat, poultry's gone up 100%, 200%," says James Jones, owner of Jimmy’s Deli.
Supply chain issues and shortages are making it difficult for New Pearl Cleaners owner Anthony Campisi to get sewing supplies, snaps, zippers, plastic, garment covers and even paper for receipts.
For example, a box of hangers went from $36 a box to $76.
Campisi says he's lucky to have survived after 20% of dry cleaners in America went under during the pandemic.
"This is like getting insulted just when business is coming back, prices are raised, can't satisfy customers, so it's sort of like a double whammy that our industry is facing," Campisi says.
Around the corner at Jimmy's Deli, the struggle is similar.
"I get products from everywhere and all the European products are not coming in in a timely manner," Jones says. "Something as simple as the gloves we got to use used to be $23 a case. Now they're $75."
Other than charging for credit card purchases, Jones hasn’t passed the costs on to customers yet. Come Jan. 1, he says he will have to reevaluate and see how the economic situation will unfold.