Sunny, but chilly conditions ahead for Tuesday; highs near 50 to start off spring

Cold mornings and chilly afternoons and evenings are expected this week.

Julian Seawright

Mar 18, 2024, 10:01 AM

Updated 121 days ago


A breezy week with gusts reaching around 30 mph with sustained winds from 10-20 mph for New Jersey through the week. Plenty of sunshine with clouds mixing in every now and then.
OVERNIGHT: A few clouds, cold and breezy. Low temperatures will fall to the low-30s.
TUESDAY: Sun mixing with some clouds. It will be windy and chilly throughout the day. Feel like temperatures will be in the 20s to start the morning and in the 30s throughout the day. Highs will reach near 50 degrees. Lows will be in the upper-30s.
WEDNESDAY: Milder with partly sunny skies, it will still be breezy with some scattered rain showers in the afternoon. Highs in the mid-50s. Lows in the low-30s.
THURSDAY: Sunny, breezy and cooler. Highs will be in the upper-40s. Lows will be near 30 degrees.
FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Cloudy skies throughout Friday as chilly temperatures remain. It will still be breezy and dry throughout the day. Friday night, there will be a chance of showers developing and rain leading into Saturday morning with stronger winds. Highs on Friday will be in the mid-40s, overnight lows will be in the upper-30s. Saturday highs will be in the low-50s, with overnight temperatures in the mid-30s.

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