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Summit police searching for suspects in attempted home burglary

Officials believe key fobs were the likely target in the attempted burglary.

Isabel Litterst and Lanette Espy

Dec 27, 2023, 12:15 PM

Updated 177 days ago


A homeowner in Summit received an unwelcome early morning surprise — a face-to-face encounter with an intruder.
Police believe one man entered a house on Oak Ridge Avenue in the Primrose community after prying open the window around 4:20 a.m. on Tuesday. The break in triggered the house alarm system and the homeowner responded, finding a man in his dining room.
Police say the suspect quickly fled the scene along with two other likely suspects who were able to break into the unlocked BMW X7 in the driveway. Officials believe key fobs were the likely target in the attempted burglary. They don’t believe anything was taken from the home, but this raises concerns about home safety.
Primrose resident Joe Oliver says "What started out as simple break-ins of cars in driveways and unlocked cars with key fobs inside has now escalated to home break-ins. There's going to be an interaction with the homeowner at some point and it's not going to end well."
Authorities encourage residents to keep vehicles and homes locked and continue to report any suspicious activity.
Home safety tips:
  • Lock doors
  • Install home alarm systems
  • Report suspicious activity
Summit police say they believe the suspects were in a dark-colored SUV. They are looking for any surveillance footage of the area that might help them identify the suspects. Anyone with information or video showing the incident, should contact Summit police at 908-273-0051.

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