Stumpy's Hatchet House in Green Brook offers stress relief for the whole family

An axe-throwing venue in Green Brook is a place where the whole family can get away from everyday stress while having some fun.
Stumpy's Hatchet House provides family fun entertainment in a sanitary and socially distant environment. The focus is on fun and form.
Experts at Stumpy's say for the best double-handed throw you want to put your dominant hand on top followed by your non-dominant hand and bring it up over your head and follow through.
"We always look at the hatchets as a tool, and when you're thinking of hatchet throwing, that's what you need to think of," says Monica Milan, owner of Stumpy's. "You hold that tool, and you think of things you want to release and just say 'I'm letting go of' whatever it is that you're trying to let go of."
Milan says Stumpy's is doing something for teacher's this month by letting them throw for an hour for free on Thursdays.
Reservations are preferred, but walk-ins are allowed if there are openings.