Study to investigate flying gondolas across Bayonne Bridge

Bayonne and the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation are launching a commuter study to investigate an alternative way to get to Staten Island.
The feasibility study will seek to determine whether additions near the Bayonne Bridge will support flying gondolas and reduce traffic on the bridge.
Most of the study is being funded by the Staten Island Economic development Corporation. Bayonne is said to have contributed $10,000.
News 12 is told the study is expected to start in May and will seek to determine whether it is possible to have gondolas connect to the Eighth Street Light Rail.
The gondolas would have the ability to carry about 4,000 people per hour.
While some Bayonne residents are optimistic about reducing traffic, some say the new bridge should be more than enough to alleviate traffic.
Leitner-Poma of America estimates that the project would cost an estimated $62 million.