Stratford couple outraged as Eversource cuts down 26 trees on their property

Don and Missy Kowalsky, of Stratford, say the trees on their property pose no risk to the power lines overhead - but Eversource disagrees.
The couple's property sits on a right-of-way for an Eversource transmission line, and say that 26 trees were marked for removal Tuesday morning.
Eversource says it marked 12 more trees for later.
The couple has lived in the house, located on Leo Lane, for over 30 years. The Kowalskys say their privacy and property value are at risk.
Eversource says high-voltage transmission lines need more clearance than the 10 feet underneath for transmission lines, and utility crews may need to drive through the right-of-way for repairs.
The Kowalskys say they've carefully maintained their trees based on guidance from the Eversource website.
The utility says it offered the Kowalskys a landscape architect to help re-plant the plot with trees more appropriate for the right-of-way. So far, the couple has refused.
The Kowalskys say they were informed Friday that crews were clearing the trees. Guidance on the Eversource website says power distribution lines need 10 feet of clearance underneath and 8 feet on either side.
The couple says the biggest loss is a 30-year-old spruce that was a gift from Missy's late father.