Stormy weather tears down trees, power lines in West Long Branch

Strong winds cut through a West Long Branch community Saturday and left behind a trail of destruction.
A storm tore through an area near the intersection of Victor and North Linden avenues, taking down trees and power lines.
Piles of leaves could be seen on the streets. However, underneath all those leaves were broken tree limbs and residents' cars.
No one was hurt when that storm came through.
Firefighters said it may have been a microburst that tore through the neighborhood.
When a News 12 New Jersey crew arrived at the scene, the fire department was present and said at least one of the power lines was still live. They asked residents to stay indoors for their safety.
Several of the people who live on Victor Avenue were in their homes when the storm blew in.
One man's car was buried under the pile of broken tree limbs.
"It started with very heavy rain, then next thing hail. The next thing it looked like everything went sideways and then trees just started falling down and then wires came down," said resident Tyler Karpe.
"We had to assume something mighty powerful but strong came through here and did some serious damage," said resident John Teufle. "A huge gust of wind that lasted probably for about two minutes. We had to pull over."
Some residents who are JCP&L customers said they lost power. However, they have generators and those immediately began to supply power.
As of Saturday night, there was no word on when utility crews would get to the neighborhood to tend to the fallen powerlines and trees. Some residents, however, began cleanup efforts throughout the neighborhood.
In West Long Branch, Naomi Yane, News 12 New Jersey