STORM WATCH: Tracking heavy rain, thunderstorms; flooding a concern

WEATHER ALERT: Flash flooding warnings issued for parts of New Jersey through the overnight hours due to heavy rain.
WHAT’S NEW: Isolated thunderstorms are passing through New Jersey, with the threat of heavy rain and the potential for flooding.
WHAT’S NEXT: Rain showers continue through the evening and into the overnight hours.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Justin Godynick says that the weather will remain a bit unsettled over the next day or so, with the chance for pop-up thunderstorms and heavy rain.
TONIGHT: Heavy rainfall, with the potential for flooding. Temperatures cool into the low-60s.
THURSDAY: Rainy weather with the potential for thunderstorms throughout the day. Temperatures in the low-80s. Overnight temperatures in the low-60s.
FRIDAY: Mostly sunny skies. Temperatures in the high-70s with overnight temperatures in the low-60s.
WEEKEND: Temperatures in the low-80s on Saturday and high-70s on Sunday.