STORM WATCH: Thunderstorms move out; rain possible Friday

Powerful thunderstorms that impacted New Jersey Thursday night are on their way out, making way for a mostly mild weekend.
Storm Watch Team meteorologists say that the upcoming week will see mostly dry and mild weather.
Friday is expected to start off cloudy with the chance of some rain showers. High temperatures will be in the upper-50s and low-50s. The skies will mostly clear by Friday night. Overnight lows will be around 39 degrees.
Saturday will see mostly sunny skies with daytime highs around 57 degrees. Saturday night will see partly cloudy skies, with some rain developing for the overnight hours. Overnight lows will cool to the mid-30s.
Sunday is expected to see steady, light rain in the morning, with some showers continuing into the afternoon. Daytime highs will be around 60 degrees. The rain should end by the evening hours. Overnight lows should cool to the upper-30s.
The rest of the upcoming week should see mostly mild temperatures in the upper-50s. More rain is possible by the end of next week.