Temperatures drop overnight leading to slippery conditions from Tuesday's snowfall

ALERTS: Coastal flood warning for the shore and back bays during high tide tonight.
OVERNIGHT: Temperatures drop. The heavy, wet snow from earlier will begin to freeze over if not properly taken care of. Please be mindful and listen to your body. As the water content within the snow begins to freeze over it will get heavier and harder to remove.
Gusty conditions tonight will make it "feel" colder and the power could flicker in areas. Make sure your devices are charged in case of a power outage.
VALENTINE'S DAY: Cuddle alerts are issued. Temperatures will be cold, even for February. The winds will make it feel colder. Highs around 38, but it will feel like 28.
THURSDAY: Mainly quiet. Early sunshine will fade behind building clouds. Highs in the 30s. By Thursday evening a fast-moving "clipper" will zip through with some light snow and rain. It won’t be very impactful but driving in northern New Jersey Thursday night could be a little slippery with some new snow.
FRIDAY: Sun-filled and seasonable in the low-40s.
WEEKEND: Saturday has the chance for some minor snowfall. Great for the local ski industry. The sun is back out Sunday with temperatures right around 40 degrees.