Stop & Shop, ACME take steps for safety of employees, including clear plastic guards at all registers

Stop & Shop and ACME will be installing clear plastic guards at all registers to separate cashiers and customers, taking new steps for the safety of their employees.
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Customers are being asked to stand behind the guard until all groceries are scanned and paid. Groceries then need to be bagged at the end of the belt, not the side.
"I have no problem with it," says David Bruce Schwerd. "In fact, I'm surprised that this store and a lot of the convenience stores haven't done that already."
The interior of the plexiglass will be wiped down and sanitized each time a new cashier is assigned to the register.
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Stop & Shop will also display signs on front doors, registers, and around the stores reminding people of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, which include standing at least six feet apart and sneezing and coughing into your elbow.

There will also be tape on the floors at each register for customers to understand the 6-foot distance they should keep from others.
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