‘Stomp it out!’ Why it's important to stop the spread of spotted lanternflies

The content below has been provided by New Jersey State Department of Agriculture and has no editorial input from News 12 New Jersey.
Ever wonder what you should do if you see a spotted lanternfly?
Stomp it out!
That’s the message from New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Douglas Fisher. “We’re asking [people] to stomp on it whenever they can,” says Fisher.
According to Fisher, if you kill one adult spotted lanternfly, you can eliminate 30-50 more of them hatching from egg masses.
Why is stopping the spotted lanternfly so important? While it is not harmful to humans or animals, “it does like to feed on 70 different types of plants and trees. So we want to protect the vegetation in our state.”
Fisher says so far, the public has done a great job in helping to stop the spread, but we need to continue that effort.
Visit www.badbug.nj.gov for more resources on the spotted lanternfly.