State Senate committee approves bill to put new labor protections in place to help temp workers

There's some good news for New Jersey's temporary workers.
The state Senate Labor Committee approved a bill put new labor protections in place.
This will help temp workers earn fair wages and set standards for better working conditions under temp agencies.
About 127,000 people in New Jersey work for nearly 100 licensed agencies in the state, but an unknown number of agencies operate without oversight.
State Sen. Joe Cryan, the author of the bill, said, "Temp workers should have equal rights but, because of their circumstances they are vulnerable to the abuse of basic labor rights. They don't deserve to be exploited for their labor, cheated out of their wages or denied their rights in the workplace. They often feel that they have no recourse if they are mistreated. This bill will help ensure their rights and make sure they have the information they need to protect themselves."