State Division of Gaming investigates FanDuel betting glitch

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement is investigating a dispute between FanDuel and bettors who say that they are owed money after Sunday’s Broncos-Raiders game.
The bettors are trying to collect on what FanDuel says was an 18-second glitch during the game. The men say that they are owed tens of thousands of dollars on bets that they made. FanDuel says that they are not liable to pay the amount.
“It's a tough circumstance, but it happens. It happens in business,” says former state Sen. Ray Lesniak.
Lesniak was instrumental in bringing sports betting to New Jersey. He says that FanDuel’s rules are pretty clear.
“This was an obvious error, somebody took advantage of it…But an obvious error is covered by the rules that unfortunately, they are not going to be liable and I don't believe they should,” he says.
FanDuel has owned up to the mistake, saying that the error in the final seconds of Sunday's game caused the odds to be wrong. At least three people were able to place bets that the Broncos would win when the odds were briefly 750 to 1. But FanDuel's house rules say that "a blatant or palpable error" can invalidate a successful bet.
Lesniak says mistakes will happen, but says that he is still thrilled about getting sports betting legalized in New Jersey.
“This is a great thing for the state of New Jersey. We're going to continue to benefit. Thousands upon thousands of jobs are being saved; casinos are opening; our racetrack industry is thriving again, so it was worth the eight-year battle,” Lesniak says.
The former senator says that he has full confidence in the Division of Gaming Enforcement to investigate the matter.