Stamford community stunned by teen's sudden and unexplained death

People in Stamford are shocked after the sudden death of a former Stamford High School football player.
The family says he had no health issues and doctors are trying to understand what happened to Djemayley Vernet.
"It's tragic and it kills me to even think about it," said Vernet's cousin Noldylens Metayer.
His family says the 16-year-old suddenly started having seizures last Wednesday.
"He was coughing up blood and then they called the ambulance and on the way to the hospital he had two more seizures so then they put him in a coma to see what was going on," said Metayer.
He was rushed to Stamford Hospital and was put into a medically induced coma. He died Saturday morning.
His family and doctors are still trying to understand what happened.
"Shocking news. Never planned this. So many things in life I wanted to do with him and he never even left the country since he came. Yeah, it’s very heartbreaking for me," said Metayer.
Vernet was an avid church goer. He was born in Haiti and came to America when he was young.
He played on the Stamford High football team and just got his first job.
He was getting ready for his junior year of high school.
On the GoFundMe campaign set by his church friends it says, "He was too young, just starting out and checking off the milestones of his teen years."
His family says they now have to figure out how to go on without him.
"Take it day by day but I'll probably never be the same," said Metayer.