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St. Hubert’s Animal Shelter holds adoption event in hopes of emptying out kennels

St. Hubert’s Animal Shelter held their “Winter Snuggle Buddy Adoption” event on Sunday in hopes of emptying their kennel.

News 12 Staff

Feb 27, 2022, 10:41 PM

Updated 845 days ago


After a surge in pet adoptions during the height of the pandemic, animal shelters are starting to feel the strain as adoptions have slowed. 
St. Hubert’s Animal Shelter held their “Winter Snuggle Buddy Adoption” event on Sunday in hopes of emptying their kennel. 
Diane Ashton, director of Communications at St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center, says “its cold outside and who wouldn’t want a new fury friend to cuddle up with. The kind of dog that you want take a walk or a run or a hike with.” 
In 2021, St. Hubert’s says they found homes for more than 2,600 animals. 

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