Spring Lake residents return home following flood evacuations

Dozens of Spring Lake residents have returned to their homes after they were forced to evacuate due to flooding.
Homeowners say that the water was 6 or 7 feet deep in parts of the town after heavy rainstorms moved across the state Monday. The water has now receded, and the residents say they must deal with the cleanup.
The floodwater was rushing from the Old Mill Pond. Homeowner Joe Tenaglia says that his home was the first to be hit by the flood.
"That was a little bit scary because if [the levee] had broken all that water would've gone down stream and people would be in trouble,” he says.
Tenaglia says that the water nearly missed coming into the first floor of his home.
Homeowners on Butternut Road say that they also suffered damage. They say that about 4 feet of water came through their neighborhood, forcing evacuations.
“They pulled the rowboat right up to us. My husband and I walked off the porch and got right in,” says Sharon Cox.
Cox says that the flooding was the worst she has seen in years.
“It came on so quickly they didn't have a chance to warn me. So the cars stayed in the driveway. Luckily they're fine,” she says.
Brick Township residents were also drying out after the flooding. Some residents of the Greenbriar 1 senior citizen complex will be staying at the clubhouse for shelter after their homes were damaged. 
Bursville Road, which on Friday was closed to traffic due to flooding that swallowed three cars, is back to its normal traffic flow after the water receded.
Gov. Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency in several counties in the state due to the flood damage. He says that he will try to get federal aid to help with recovery.