Spring has sprung in New Jersey! Check out Holland Ridge Farms for fields of colorful tulips

Spring has sprung in New Jersey -- and fields of colorful tulips will be in peak bloom this week at Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge.
Eight million tulips are at their peak this week.
"We come here every year to see the tulips and the sunflowers in the fall," says Diane Gauy. "We love it."
The farm has doubled in size this year. Run by the Jansen family, its roots run deep - stemming from Holland.
"Honestly, it really is amazing," says Kirsten Jansen. "This was my father-in-law's dream. My husband and his whole team really made that his dream come true. It's unbelievable."
There are over 300 acres of tulips at Holland Ridge Farms, with over 100 different kinds of tulips.
"It's just really gratifying to be out here, seeing people's reactions. Some people are just completely blown away," says Brian Miller, with Holland Ridge Farms.
If you would like to soak in the sights of spring for yourself, you can buy tickets HERE.