Spooky! Check out this paranormal bookstore at the Jersey Shore

Halloween is just about two months away and it is never too early to begin the celebration.
A paranormal book store in Monmouth County is just the place to check out for those who want an early scare.
"The museum and the store is really dedicated to…offering you an opportunity to have an experience if you choose,” says Kathy Kelly, owner of Paranormal Books & Curiosities in Asbury Park.
Patrons can get psychic readings, go on ghost tours and ghost hunts. There are also seances and about 200 different artifacts dedicated to the paranormal.
"Not a week goes by that there aren't people who have some kind of an experience here,” says Kelly. “A lot of times it's noises."
Kelly says that Asbury Park felt like the best place to open her shop due to its history.
"Asbury Park just seemed like a natural fit. It felt haunted, it looked haunted and it turns out it was haunted,” she says.
An annual zombie walk is also held in Asbury Park each fall.