Some NJ mayors call on state legislators to pass earned sick day laws

Some New Jersey mayors and organizations gathered at Newark City Hall Monday to call for statewide earned sick day legislation.
The mayors of the 13 municipalities that have already adopted paid sick time policies joined with community, environmental and labor organizations to call on state legislators to follow their lead and pass similar polices for the whole state.
"We fought for those towns and cities to pass the law, and now, we need to make it a state law and make sure that everybody is covered now,” said Kevin Brown, the vice president of 32BJ SEIU, the largest property services workers union in the country.
According to state experts, 1. 2 million New Jersey workers do not have earned sick days, and 1-in-4 workers have been threatened or fired with job loss for taking sick days.
If a statewide bill were to be passed, New Jersey would join nine other states and Washington, D.C. in guaranteeing workers’ rights to sick days.