Some New Jersey towns put Mischief Night, Halloween curfews in place

Several towns in New Jersey are trying to prevent pranks and vandalism from occurring this Mischief Night and Halloween.
The towns are putting a curfew in place for those who are under the age of 18. Some towns have curfews beginning at 7 p.m., while others have curfews starting at 9 p.m. The curfews will typically last until daybreak.
Those impacted by the curfew will need to be indoors or accompanied by a parent or guardian. Authorities say this is all about safety.
“Trick-or-treating on Halloween, our primary concern is pedestrian safety. You've got a lot of young people out in costume. It's dark, it just poses a potential traffic hazard,” says Middletown Police Chief Craig Weber.
Some parents who spoke with News 12 said they agreed with the restrictions.
“I have a little one who is 6. Being home by dark is actually great for me…I think it’s appropriate,” says Nicole Hoth, of Keansburg.
Parents and trick-or-treaters should check with their local police departments to see if any curfews are in place.