Soccer coaches revive player who collapsed on field

Two Garfield High School soccer coaches are being called heroes after they revived a player who went into cardiac arrest during practice.
The girls' soccer team practice turned into a critical situation Wednesday afternoon when a 14-year-old player collapsed on the field. She had no pulse and wasn't breathing. Witnesses say that the coaches sprang into action and used a defibrillator to revive her.
All the girls were praying….They were just hoping for the best for the girl, that everything would work well for the girls. They were all nervous,” says Garfield resident Maria Kramer.
After the coaches used the defibrillator, police officers arrived and performed CPR. The girl then began breathing on her own and was taken to the hospital.
At the game against Hawthorne Friday, Coaches Linette Messina and Aaron Kahn told News 12 school policy forbids them from discussing what happened Wednesday. Following the game, the players sent their love to their teammate recuperating in the hospital.
“They're signing cards now to send over to her, so it's a good turnout. It was a good outcome,” says John Reilly, Coach Messina’s father.
Reilly says that his daughter always takes the defibrillator to every practice and game. She has nicknamed it “Freddy.”
We're off-site from the high school, and we're on these fields, coach always has an AED with them. And they're trained how to use it, and it's a good thing to have. My daughter's coached three sports, so she's always got one in the back of her car,” Reilly says.
The 14-year-old, who was not identified, remains in the hospital. Authorities say that she is in stable condition.