Smithtown native falls short of his shot at going to the Olympics

A Smithtown native who swam in the 100-meter breaststroke Monday for the final portion of the Olympic trials came up just short.
Benjamin Cono was in Omaha, Nebraska hoping to make it to the Summer Olympics.
Cono followed his dream. He went from swimming for Team Suffolk to competing against some of the best swimmers in the country.
Before the meet, Cono said, "I'm really excited because I'm in eighth place. I have nowhere to go but up."
Although he did make it up in the ranking, Cono says he's thankful for the experience and to the people who supported him.
"I've had like an overwhelming amount of people reach out to me, like an unbelievable amount at this point," says Cono.
Cono says training for the Olympic trials during the pandemic has not been easy.
"It's been a challenge this past year without having a lot of pool time," says Cono. "I'm very sure everyone across the country was training in a backyard pool and stuff."
Cono's former Team Suffolk Coach John Pisano says he has always been an immensely talented athlete.
"I always expect the best," says Pisano. "And with him over the years he has surprised me more than once."
Pisano was thankful to hear that Cono credited him with helping him make it so far.
"That's special," says Pisano. "You know as a coach you always want to help the kids grow, not just in the sport of swimming, but in life."