Shamong woman says she won $2M jackpot from Atlantic City slot machine but casino won’t pay

Roney Beal says Bally’s Casino employees told her that a machine error wipes it all away.

Tom Krosnowski

May 23, 2024, 12:30 AM

Updated 24 days ago


A Shamong woman says she won the jackpot in an Atlantic City slot machine in February - but hasn’t received her winnings.
Roney Beal says her photos prove she’s a big winner. They show a more than $1.2 million payout with a 2x multiplier - good for a grand total over $2.5 million.
“It’s there - I’m going to get it,” Beal said. “I thought, nothing could change it! What could change it?”
But Beal says Bally’s Casino employees told her that a machine error wipes it all away. She says she is getting a lawsuit ready.
Beal says when she pushed the button for an attendant after winning, a message popped up saying the machine had a tilt - a malfunction that could void the results.
“Believe me, I know the machines,” Beal said. “There were no blinking lights before that. When I played earlier on that machine, there was no slow rolling at that machine, nothing.”
According to Beal, workers opened the machine, spun the wheels and offered a roughly $300 payout.
“He said, ‘Lady, get it in your head, you didn’t win anything,’” Beal said.
Beal’s legal counsel thinks that if staff believed the machine malfunctioned, it should have been investigated - not tampered with.
“For them to say that it's a glitch is their problem - it's not Mrs. Beal's problem,” said attorney Mike DiCroce. “They need to make sure that their machines are operating properly.”
“I came to win money,” Beal said. “There’s some people that I know I would help out. It’s not right that they’re not paying that, it’s just not right.”
When reached for comment, Bally’s Casino referred News 12 to International Gaming Technology - the machine’s maker. They say they are cooperating with the investigation.
Beal’s lawsuit is pending.

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