Seton Hall softball team heads to 2023 NCAA tournament for 1st time in 18 years

The Pirates beat Villanova in the Big East Tournament.

Lanette Espy and Amanda Lee

May 17, 2023, 5:03 PM

Updated 392 days ago


For the first time in 18 years, the Seton Hall softball team will compete in the NCAA Tournament.
Over the weekend, the Pirates beat Villanova in the Big East Tournament. This is their first win in the tournament since 2005.
“It’s amazing just to see the joy on their faces. And the work we’ve put in and our team and program to accomplish this, it’s a really exciting time for us," says Coach Angie Churchill, who has been with the Pirates for two seasons.
Now, the Pirates are headed to Texas on Wednesday for the Austin Regional. They will have practice on Thursday, and they will play the Texas Longhorns on Friday. If the Pirates beat the Longhorns, they’ll face Texas A&M or Texas State.
“I think it’s just great seeing that our team came together and really did what we set out to do, and that was the whole thing. Last year, we came in and we’re like OK, Big East Tournament. It didn’t come up for us then, but we went after it this year, and it was just great,” said senior pitcher Shelby Smith.
Senior outfielder Abby Wingo says it took a lot of belief to get to where the team is now.
“And us being seniors, this is our last ride. So, I think just knowing we can do this, and this team is very capable of winning and going out and showing that,” she said.
The Pirates haven’t won the NCAA tournament before. If they get through this weekend, they will be one of the final 16 teams remaining.
The Pirates will play in Texas on Friday at 5 p.m.

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