Seton Hall professor: Evidence needed to prove President Trump's fraud claims

A political science professor at Seton Hall is weighing in on President Donald Trump's fight to prove there was voter fraud.
Trump promises he will contest his projected defeat by either requesting recounts, by going to court or both.
Professor Matt Hale says there must be solid evidence.
"You have to show a massive fraud," says Hale. "And as far as I can see, they don't have any evidence of a massive fraud."
Hall says he thinks Trump's administration will keep trying and adds that the president has the right to do so.
"I think they're going to keep trying," says Hale. "I think they have every right to keep trying. But what they don't have a right to do is claim there's massive voter fraud without evidence, and that's what they're doing right now and that's dangerous."
Hale also thinks that Trump's claims of voter fraud don't make sense. Hale says if it was rigged, then why not go all the way and win the Senate too?
The last time there was a presidential recount was in 2000 when Al Gore challenged Florida's punch card ballots. In the end, he lost the election.