Senators vow support for Ukraine as Russia fires missiles into western Ukranian city

Two state senators are vowing support for Ukraine as Russia fires missiles into a western Ukranian city just miles from the Polish border.
Russia hit Ukraine on NATO's doorstep, attacking a facility in the far western Ukranian city of Lviv Friday.
President Joe Biden sat for a nearly two-hour call with Chinese president Xi Jinping, warning the communist nation's leader against taking Russia's side in its aggression against Ukraine.
"China has to make a decision for themselves about where they want to stand," said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. "And how they want the history books to look at them and view their actions."
Sens. Bob Menendez and Cory Booker are showing their support for Ukraine.
"The Ukrainian courage is outmatched," says Menendez.
The senators have vowed to keep the security assistance that totaled $1 billion in just one week flowing.
"We are now transferring significant air defense systems to Ukraine that can help them," says Menendez. "I am proud that the United States under this president has assisted Ukraine with more resources than any other President at any other time."
Menendez says the U.S. will not get involved but if Russia attacks a NATO nation next the U.S. will have no choice.