Sen. Menendez calls for toy gun manufacturing regulations

Sen. Bob Menendez is calling for regulations on how toy guns are made in order to distinguish them from real firearms.
The Democratic senator made the announcement during a news conference with Essex County law enforcement officials. East Orange police officers confiscated several toy firearms that were all made to look like real guns – down to how much they weighed and how hard it was to pull the trigger.
Officials say having realistic looking toy guns on the street make it more dangerous for police and the public.
“Somebody sees you on the street and pulls this on you, are you going to give it up or you going to say ‘Is this a fake gun or a real gun?’” asks Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura.
Menendez’s legislation would apply to toy, BB and air guns.
“Each of these models should have clear and visually distinct markings that signal to police officers and to parents and children that they are not real firearms,” the senator says.
Current regulations require an orange tip or other markings on toy guns. But police say those markings can be easily painted over to make the gun look more authentic.