Self-driving cars may soon be coming to Trenton

Officials unveiled plans for a new autonomous vehicle program during an event at Trenton Central High School on Wednesday. The hope is that the program will especially help the younger generations of Trenton residents.
The New Jersey Department of Transportation issued a $5 million grant to help fund the program, which has been named “Trenton Moves.”
Trenton residents would be able to order a self-driving car at kiosks throughout the city and would be dropped off at designated sites like the library, grocery store or hospital. The city is partnering with the state DOT and Princeton University on the project.
Trenton officials say that there will be over 100 self-driving vehicles in the first fleet. They will fit about eight people each. The project is expected to roll out over the next two years.
Officials say that keeping the costs down for riders is crucial to the project.
“Affordability is key for a city like Trenton,” says Mayor Reed Gusciora. “This project aims to have much lower fares than traditional taxi or ride-hailing services.”
Gusciora says that a new poll revealed about 50% of people who live in Trenton would be comfortable using an autonomous vehicle to get around the city.