Scorching temperatures won’t stop NJ residents from enjoying themselves outside

Temperatures rose above 90 degrees for the third day in a row in New Jersey, marking it as an official heat wave.

Tom Krosnowski

Jun 20, 2024, 2:29 AM

Updated 31 days ago


New Jersey’s ongoing heat wave isn’t impacting people’s summer plans.
“You’ve got to get in the sun because it's just good for you,” said Anthony, of Jersey City. “You’ve got to be healthy. It's good for your mental health, physical health.”
But there is a preferred time to soak up the sun. Experts say the most dangerous time to be outside during a heat wave is between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
“We're already seeing increases in heat-related illnesses coming into the emergency department,” said Dr. Erin Muckey, of University Hospital. “Everything from the more mild things like a heat rash, all the way to heat exhaustion and then the severe medical emergency, which is heat stroke.”
Muckey also recommends hydrating regularly, not just when feeling thirsty. Water may not even be enough; it’s important to replenish electrolytes with a sports drink.
Over at Liberty State Park, thousands ran, biked, skated and sunbathed in the evening hours when things cooled down a bit. More came by for the park’s annual Juneteenth celebration.
“I'm doing the best I can (to stay cool), but the music is starting to make me move!” said Jersey City Council President Joyce Watterman.
“When you do an event of this scale, safety is so important,” said Shannon Mitchell, the cofounder of All About Us. “EMS is on site. We have cooling stations and free water.”
From personal fans to ice cream cones, attendees had their own ways of keeping cool.
Doctors also emphasized the importance of applying and maintaining sunscreen during time in the sun.

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