School paint ball trip comes on heels of Texas deadly shooting

There is backlash in Ridgewood today after parents were alerted this week to a fundraiser, a paint ball trip, being set up by the class of 2020 at Ridgewood High School.
The trip was supposed to take place later this month, and as of right now, the event has not been canceled.
Students spoke with News 12 and say the timing of the event is bad, especially on the heels of the deadly shooting in Santa Fe, Texas.
"I don't think it's a very good idea because of what's been happening in this world,” says Ridgewood Realtor Cynthia Meeks.
"I think it takes time to accept what happened, so we shouldn't use war like guns for students to have fun,” says student Justin Kang.
Back in February, Ridgewood students opted not to cancel an annual event where kids targeted one another with Nerf Guns around town.
The event, called Dart Wars, took place just weeks after the massacre at Parkland High School in Florida where 17 people were killed.
Dart Wars is not a school sanctioned event.