Sayreville Board of Education plans to replace ballfields with a bus hub

There is controversy in Sayreville over the school board’s plan to replace the ballfields with a bus hub.  
Busing is a major problem in Sayreville because they are all parked at the high school.  
All buses make noise, cause traffic, and pollution.  
Plus, the school district needs more of them and a place to park them. 
The spot it chose isn’t just for ballfields, it’s a tribute to Pfc. Wayne Grant.  
"What does it mean? There's no words I could put out there what it means to my family and myself," says Wayne’s brother, Charlie.  
He was 21 when he died in Vietnam, and his family wants to see the tribute to him preserved. 
The Sayreville Board of Education says it will do whatever it takes to work with the town to find a new spot for the buses.