S. Brunswick PD: Storm has crippled our roadways

A major snowstorm has caused thousands to lose power and has “crippled” the roadways of a Middlesex County town, according to the town’s police chief.
“Fallen trees and heavy snow have blocked roads and caused widespread power outages,” South Brunswick Police Chief Raymond Hayducka says. “We are working on generator power in our command center.”
Hayducka says that the town’s 911 lines have been flooded with emergency calls.
There have been nearly 80 different reports of downed utility poles in town and about 50 traffic accidents.
A few residents who lost power at their apartment building told News 12 New Jersey that they were going to walk to a nearby gas station to get something warm to eat and to get out of the cold for a little while.
South Brunswick schools will be closed Thursday while crews work on cleanup and repairs.
Wednesday’s powerful storm dropped about 24 inches of snow on parts of New Jersey. Over 300,000 utility customers lost power during the storm.