Rutgers football officials didn’t know about player’s arrest until month later

Rutgers football officials say they did not know that player Dacoven Bailey had been arrested in Texas until a month after it happened.
Bailey is one of four men accused of raping a 15-year-old girl in his home state of Texas. The alleged assault reportedly happened in July, according to police.
Bailey played the entire football season for Rutgers. He was arrested by Pilot Point police in late December.
Rutgers officials say that they did not find out about the arrest until Jan. 22. Bailey was immediately suspended from the team, and then kicked off it three days later.
Bailey’s mother say that she is shocked by the allegations.
"I had no idea of any of it, and neither did he, not until December,” says Shileta Bailey. “I didn’t raise my son to be that way. I didn’t raise him to do those things, but everybody gets caught up in certain situations.”
Bailey was recruited by current head coach Chris Ash and has played in almost every single game. He would have been entering his third year on the team.
Rutgers officials say that they did not previously have any disciplinary issues with Bailey.