Russian President Putin orders country's nuclear forces on high alert. Here’s what we know.

Ukrainians in New Jersey continue to hope for the best, but all indications are the situation is only getting worse. 
Russian President Vladimir Putin is ordering his country's nuclear forces on high alert, meaning he wants Russia's nuclear weapons prepared for increased readiness to launch.
Putin cites "aggressive statements" by top NATO powers, along with hard-hitting financial sanctions as his reasons for alerting the nuclear forces.
The latest information concerning Ukraine's neighbor to the North, Belarus, is certainly concerning as Ukrainian intelligence suggests it’s showing a readiness to participate directly in Russia's invasion.
A Ukrainian government official told CNN that would mean allowing Russians to use their territory to let them cross the border into Ukraine.
A second source close to the Ukrainian government told CNN that in addition to the Ukrainian intel, the Biden administration has also conveyed to Ukrainian leaders that Belarus is preparing to invade.
The Washington Post first reported that Belarus was preparing to send soldiers into Ukraine, citing a U.S. administration official.