Russian-born, Ukrainian-raised Rutgers librarian worried over countries' unfolding situation

A Rutgers University librarian who was born in Russia and spent parts of her life in Ukraine is worried over the unfolding situation between the two countries.
"It's no longer torn, just being sad. There's a huge sadness that we were not able to work out our differences, Russia, Ukraine," Regina Koury says.
Koury also went to college in Russia but graduated in Siberia. She says that she has fond memories of being raised in Ukraine.
Today, both places from her past are under fire.
"Places where I used to walk, where I used to go with my friends. I see a shopping mall on fire, train station being attacked. It's a terrible feeling also not knowing what's going to happen next," Koury says because her 73-year-old mother is still there.
Koury says the invasion by Russia doesn't change the way she views the country itself.
"I see it as a leadership problem because I know regular people are standing with Ukraine," Koury says and adds that she's thankful so many others are lending their support of Ukraine.
Koury says her mother does not seem to be in danger right now, but she knows how quickly the situation is evolving. Still, she says mother remains hopeful.