‘Rude and ignorant’ – Mystery Grinch gives 'violation' for family's Christmas light display

A Camden County family says that they were confused and angered to receive a flyer in the mail “awarding” them the worst Christmas decorations on the block.
Angela Beatty says that the letter was dropped off on the front steps of her Haddonfield home on Christmas Eve. The letter from the so-called S & V Panel singled Beatty's family out for having a “lack of neat, organized and/or classy Christmas lighting” and otherwise “lazy” decorations. The letter also came with a box of Christmas lights so that Beatty’s family could “jumpstart your 2020 planning.”
“While we appreciate your efforts, we on the S & V panel strive for Christmas excellence and perfection,” the letter stated.
The Beattys’ decorations include a wreath, flag and blue lights, which honor her father-in-law’s service on the NYPD.
“It is just rude and ignorant,” Beatty tells News 12 New Jersey. “They don’t know what is going on in my life. What if I didn’t celebrate Christmas? Why single me out?”
Beatty says that the past year has been sad and stressful for her family. The family cat has been lost since July, and Beatty’s father has been recovering from a heart attack. Beatty says that she and her daughter were also in a car accident on Dec. 17.
“Nobody should be judging what I do…They had no idea and no right to do this. It was mean,” Beatty says.
The people behind the letters and the S & V panel remain unknown.