Roxbury students grieve the unexpected death of 8th grade classmate

Students in a Morris County school district are grieving the unexpected death of an eighth grade girl.
Students at Eisenhower Middle School in Roxbury were off on Friday for a teacher in-service day. But they were still encouraged to come to school Friday to speak with counselors the district made available to help them deal with their grief.
The Roxbury School District confirmed that student Maya Guberman died Thursday morning. Details of the death were not made public. But the district said in a letter to parents, “We ask that you please pay attention to your children's reactions."
“A lot of people – If you don’t walk about what’s going on and you don’t feel like you have a safe space to talk about what’s going on, then, the human mind can find alternative ways to cope and to deal with that pain,” says Garret Lomauro, of Wharton.
“Counseling. It should be available, not just only for this type of scenario. It should be available anytime,” says Liliana Vera of Dover. “Especially when kids are going through stuff.”
Guberman was a cheerleader. The local sports league described her as a beautiful person gone too soon. They ask the community to help the Guberman family in any ways that they can.
"I just hope that they can stay strong and positive in spirit and blessings for them going forward,” says Lomauro.
Roxbury School Superintendent Loretta Radulic was not available for an interview. She tells News 12 New Jersey that the district has been working with the school administration to provide any necessary resources to students.