Rockville Centre residents worry proposed storage facility will add to congestion

The Village Board of Zoning Appeals met Wednesday to address concerns over a proposed storage facility slated to be in the village.
The facility will span from Seaman Avenue to Maple Avenue in a part of Rockville Centre called Little Town. It is expected to be 30 feet tall, which people News 12 spoke with say is a violation of the town code for that area. They say the area only allows buildings that are 18 feet high.
Residents say they are concerned the plan is only accounting for three parking spots. They say a total of 91 parking spots are needed. They fear the project will add more congestion to a residential neighborhood that is already crowded.
"People are very concerned that if this happens it will set a dangerous precedent for the other businesses protected by the code for Little Town to follow suit and change the complete fabric of just our favorite quaint part of our neighborhood," says resident Sarah McAteer. "It's a very residential neighborhood as well, so the congestion is already an issue, and the fear is that it will just become greater and greater."
Rockville Centre statement:
In 2017, the Mayor and Board of Trustees amended the zoning map to reclassify the Long Beach corridor to Business A-1 District in order to protect the abutting residents. The Board of Zoning Appeals reviews applications that propose to utilize property in a manner not consistent with municipal zoning laws. In the instance of 117 North Long Beach Road, 91 parking spaces and an 18-foot maximum height is required. At the May 18th Board of Zoning Appeals, the Board denied the variance application because it was not consistent with the Village codes.